2020 Planner of Glory [PRE-SALE]

2020 Planner of Glory [PRE-SALE]

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Get your sh*t together with the planner that has it all! The Planner of Glory (POG) is a mixture of bullet journal practicality, weekly planning tools, with goal setting & reflection, and so much more. Check out the description below for more details.

Dimensions: 8.5"w x 11"h (approx 1/2 inch thick)

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Welcome to the Planner of Glory

What it is: a mixture of bullet journal practicality, with weekly-planning focus, goal setting & reflections, and real life/work life separation. All in one place.

What it's not: a journal, or a replacement for your digital calendar.

The POG is meant to help you stay organized & focused, while helping you become a better version of yourself -- the person you want to be.

There are little goodies along the way -- goal setting, life planning, inspirational quotes, and thoughtful questions that you can ponder.

Best of all, the POG keeps everything in one place, at your fingertips! Finally, you can keep track of the big picture, in digestible chunks.


  • Goal Setting
    *NEW* I’ve refined the goal setting tools in 2020's edition even further than 2019. These pages will help prepare you for the year ahead. You can plan from macro to micro levels; making achievable goals that help you sustain change.

  • Real Life VS Work Life
    Real and work life tasks are separated throughout the planner, so you can keep your work-life balance on lock down.

  • Monthly Overview
    This is the big picture for the month ahead. You can keep track of the month's activities, monthly tasks (like paying the bills), weekly tasks (like watering the plants or laundry), and daily habits you want to build (exercise, drink enough water, etc.), as well as remembering upcoming birthdays. Read the blog post about this area of the planner.

  • Weekly Planner
    Life can change on a dime. So live it one week at a time. The POG week begins on Monday to allow you the weekend to plan the upcoming week and hit the ground running. (Trust us, it makes Mondays suck WAY less.) There are limited spots for to dos to help you set realistic priorities for the week. Work life is separate from real life for daily tasks, and there's a handy meal planning area.

  • Monthly Reflection + Goals & Sht
    I’ve completely revamped the Monthly Reflection in a way that asks the important questions to help you shift and augment plans as needed. Checking in with yourself each month allows you to take a moment and reflect on what you've accomplished and learned, as well as how you'll move forward. You'll set an intention for the month ahead and that's left after that is to DO THE WORK.

  • Super Secret Facebook Group
    If you're on Facebook, you'll be invited to join the private POG Facebook group, where I share my weekly spreads, as well as tips & tricks for organization of life in general. And maybe a cat meme or two.