You know you’re tired when…

The Planner of Glory has been out to its users for a few weeks now and I thought I noticed a major typo on the final printed piece. Turns out, I just don’t know how to read.

I included the little printable on the inside cover with this quote:

Your liberation will always be a threat to somebody who is still enslaved.

You being free is terrifying to somebody who is not free.

You no longer being caught up in the game that everyone is playing is deeply troubling to those who are still playing the game.

- Rob Bell

Too often, we’re told we need to conform to what society at large dictates is “right.” Except there is no wrong or right in life. We’re all just winging it. It felt like the perfect quote to begin the POG, because it’s a primer for the work the planner allows you to do.

Regardless, my brain fart is your gain! I created the print in a bunch of different colors for my POG patrons to have, but now I’m sharing them with the world! Download the 8x10” print for free in the color of your choice! (Just provide your email below and you’ll get access to all the choices.)

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