Hit the refresh button every month

If there’s one thing that’s true about life, it’s that it’s always changing. We can begin anew every second of the day. Last week, we talked about living life one week at a time. What I like about the monthly spread (and monthly reflection, which I’ll go over next week) is it gives me a scheduled moment at which I can reset. It’s an opportunity to refocus, and (when needed) change course if I find things aren’t working (or lean in if they are!).

Here’s how I set myself up for success each month.

  1. Words of wisdom. I like to start the month with some easy inspiration. I’m a sucker for an inspirational quote, so every month, there’s a new one I’ve curated from my ever growing collection.

  2. As with the weekly spread, the monthly layout begins on Monday. It’s easier to look at the upcoming weekend when Saturday & Sunday are together. The monthly view gives plenty of room to write in multi-day events or important dates. I like to keep it high-level, since I know I’ll be able to dive deeper in my weekly spread.

  3. Ponder this. I like thought exercises, so I added a little questions that I can write an answer to, or just take a moment to consider.

  4. Build new habits. I limit the daily habits to 5 things in any given month. And it takes more than 30 days to build a new habit! Depending on the activity, it can take anywhere from 2 months to half a year to develop a habit that is automatic. Protip: keep the habits broad. For example, I lump all my exercise activities into a “move your body” bucket.

  5. Setting intentions. I choose a word or a sentence that demonstrates how I want to approach the coming month. Some word examples I’ve used in the past: consistency, focus, kindness. Some longer form samples: say yes to more things; commune with nature; assume positive intent.

  6. Keep track of monthly items (ex. pay rent), including a separate section to list upcoming birthdays. I love snail mail, so I try to make someone’s day by sending a card (we offer a few of those). Or, I make a point to call the birthday person on the phone. Just a way to unplug!

  7. Consider things you do on a weekly basis — laundry, water the plants, grocery shopping — and keep track of them here.

  8. There’s a bit of blank space in the lower corner for whatever you want. Write down your own favorite quote, draw a picture, or create your own list. Make it your own!

This is Part Two of my {How to POG} series. Read other blog posts about the POG. I’ll be sharing a different feature of the Planner of Glory each week during it’s special pre-sale pricing, so stay tuned for more, or be sure to sign up to get updates!