3 tools I use for my planner

Have you ever had a favorite pen? Or noticed the smooth efficiency of a waiter’s writing device when signing a receipt? Then this post is for you.

Ever since I made the decision to go back to the booklet format for the Planner of Glory (POG), I’ve been dreaming of getting to write in 2019’s edition. The New Year is here, and I finally got to dig in!


What I love about the paper is it allows me to use my all-time favorite writing utensil: the Sharpie Ultra-Fine Point Marker. I color code EVERYTHING, so the 24-color pack is my go to. (There are still definitely colors you just can’t use, unless it’s to color something in. I’m looking at you, yellow.) Using different colors for my different tasks not only breaks everything up visually, but certain colors clue me in on important tasks or items to pay attention to.

And, if 24 wasn’t enough colors, I add highlighters to the mix as well. But, as with pens, I’m particular. My favorite are the JAVAPEN Rainbow Pastel highlighters. They are a more subtle shade and over the Sharpies, add quick visualization of action or important items. See the before and after below:

Finally, while I pride myself on good penmanship and a bit of artistic ability, I’m not above using products that already exist. I found great stickers at a local Tuesday Morning (find one near you) for the Happy Planner at a reduced price (I’m also not above getting a deal). Check out TJ Maxx as another alternative. Or go to your local Michael’s or Joanne’s to get stickers there. Here’s the same booklet I got, on Amazon.


Each Sunday evening, I grab my stack of tools (I found a cute holder at TJ Maxx — I’m telling you, DEALS!), sit at the dining room table so I can spread everything out, and get started. This has become a mindful practice for me, as I unwind from the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

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