5 work from home tips that will actually make your day better

This is my old office space. New blog post of the new space (and organization coming soon!)

This is my old office space. New blog post of the new space (and organization coming soon!)

1. Go to the bathroom
For fuck’s sake. Why do I endlessly do the pee pee dance at my desk just so I can one more thing done. Stop it. Anything can wait for 5 minutes. Go to the freaking bathroom already.

2. Eat regularly
Set alarms for snacks and lunch, because if you’re anything like me, once you get into any sort of groove, it’s hard to want to step away from it. The truth is, however, you’re slowly draining yourself of creative/productive energy. Spoiler alert: you need something like 700 calories just to run your body’s basic functions. You’re going to need more than that to use that big ol’ brain of yours.

3. Do not eat at your desk
As a full-time employee (day job) in California, labor law dictates that I receive two 15s and a 30, meaning two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch. Other states may be different, but regardless: Step. Away. From. The. Desk. I stand at my desk, so this is my opportunity to sit down. It’s glorious. I read, or listen to a podcast, or sometimes just eat on the back patio to at least be able to say I’ve been outdoors.

4. Outside is good
Even if you’re only picking up the mail. Vitamin D is your friend.

5. Take breaks
If you work from home, you’re likely all by yourself. (Sidenote: I have noticed I find myself speaking far too much to checkers and cashiers when they’re the first human interaction I’ve had all day. End sidenote.) The average employee who works in an office does non-office related items nearly 1 hour every day. Stop feeling guilty about that load of laundry you start.My favorite break: dance party! Seriously. Choose a song that gets you PUMPED UP and dance like no one is watching, because NO. ONE. IS. Reset the brain. Sing along. Move you arms awkwardly around. Need some power song suggestions?]