If it ain't broke...

I can admit it, I am a total creature of habit & routine. But there’s a very fine line between rhythm and rut. It’s hard work to accomplish goals, especially if they’re ambitious ones (which I hope for you they are). As my friend Nicole puts it, it take a lot of very unsexy small steps to get to our final goal. The final goal is shiny and pretty, but getting there is mostly not. I’m totally guilty of wanting to just rest on my laurels for a moment. But shit isn’t going to get done if you’re complacent. So while if it ain’t broke, and it may not need fixing, it still might need a tune-up. Nicole is actually the inspiration behind my monthly reflection area. I’ve taken some of her template and expanded it (with an entire section for goal setting in your real and work lives).

As part of the monthly refresh we talked about last week, it gives me an opportunity to look back positively (instead of cringing at what I might have said and done), as well as look forward to do better. The 2019 Planner has expanded questions, so I’m including those here for my current POG users to get a sneak peek at the kinds of questions you’ll be asking yourselves soon!

In the spirit of vulnerability and to give you a glimmer at how I approach these questions, here are my answers for the upcoming month.

Monthly Reflection: October

The two things I am most proud of from September are:
1) Project managing the fuck out of our backyard remodel. It’s beginning to finally look like usable space and I can’t wait to complete it.
2) Launching the 2019 Planner of Glory. It’s my baby, and I’m excited for more people to check it out.

The two things I am most grateful for from September are:
1) A trip to Europe doesn’t suck — having the financial ability to leave the country and travel the world is a unique privilege too few have. I’m so grateful we were able to be in Portugal for our friends’ wedding and to visit with some other friends who were in attendance.
2) A doctor that understands waiting two weeks to start new treatment is totally reasonable. He could have put the kibosh on our entire vacation, but immediately said to take the time and we’ll start when we get back. Quite literally. The next treatment is October 2 and I’m grateful I had the time ahead of it to enjoy,

A way I can improve in October & tangible steps I can take:
Stop interrupting people, and especially my husband. I can achieve this first by being more aware and present. Actively listen — are they pausing for breath or are they actually done? Where does this less than desirable habit come from? I’m afraid I’ll forget what I want to say. So, write down something that will jog my memory instead of inserting myself.

One lesson I learned in September and am carrying forward:
Life continues to throw curve balls when it comes to my health. Managing the expectations around test results (i.e. prepare for the worst, hope for the best) has been really important. By not getting worked up, I find myself avoiding the emotional rollercoaster that has been ever-present the past few years. I’m learning to finally chill the fuck out. Most days. Some days.

What is a simple mantra I can use to remember this lesson:
Take life as it comes.

Something I will do just for fun:
Spacathlon 2019!

Something I will do to expand my mind:
Finish Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection and then check out her book club guideline and do it again with K.

Something new/scary I will try:
Build a garden. I am a notorious plant killer, so phase one this month will be making a list of everything I’d like to grow and then what it means to actually do that.

As an act of intentional kindness, I will:
Call one different friend each week for a catch up. 

Words that inspired me in September:
“Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My god, do you learn.” – CS Lewis

Which people do I want to remember to reach out to to support them?
Erin M & Laura F

Who was I able to connect with in September?
Nicole on the PCT! Laura & Christina, Amir & Kristen, Mo, John, so many wedding people we were able to catch up with in Europe, it was awesome.

Who do I want to make specific time for in October?
Brother! Renata (post-bike) & Becky (last-minute wedding help?)

Goals & Sh*t


What do I want to accomplish? And what are tangible ways to achieve this?
Kenji’s office organization. Block a weekend in October & get ‘er done! Still need a couch solution, but we’ll be able to see how much usable space we have once this room is cleared out.

How much $ do you want to save?
All the money. October marks a spending freeze.

What are your fitness goals?
We are only 3 months away from the goal to do 1 pull-up by the end of the year. Time to get serious. Also, bring yoga and climbing back into the workout routines. Get enough core strength to be able to ride my bike by the end of the month.

[] weekend blocked
[] choose guest room couch options
[] bike ride
[] Halloween costumes for MFM live show

Note: I have a separate 
project management tool I use for my freelance business. It houses all my ideas, brain dumps and anything else that comes up. I refer to it as I plan each month.

What do you want to accomplish?
Welcome to your busy season. Pay attention and capture ways we can be more efficient next year.
[] Bike MS booth sales

[] POG sales
[] Holiday card sales

What are key steps you can take to achieve what you want to accomplish?
Better promotion all around. Reach out to key people to help share with their people. Create a concrete social schedule. Create good social content. Order the next batch of cards. Ask Renata if anything can be included in the goody bag.

[] order & assemble card packs for Bike MS
[] design, order and provide goody bag insert [tentative]
[] social calendar for October & November
[] social assets for October & November
[] high level holiday card plan by end of month

Important Dates:
October 20 – Bike MS

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